Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Am I an idiot?

I have been using Windows Media Player for some time now, mostly because everything just seems more convenient (to me). All my videos and certain music file types I play on VLC Player though, but the standard .mp3, .wmv, all that I play on WMP.

I like it. You rate songs and shit, fun stuff. Obviously, the 5-star rating thing does not hold any significance for me half the time, because I give lots of 5's. Yes, I happen to love Evanescence. It looks nice though, doesn't it? All those pretty stars...

Oh yes, anyway, the point that I was trying to get to. Am I an idiot? Has everybody been using this feature without me knowing? No, not that sync shit. The fast forward button? You hold next button and you fly through the song? I didn't know about it until I accidentally did it today. It doesn't rewind or anything when you hold previous though, weird.

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Donna said...

you are an IDIOT. I usually odn't do it though because I like to scroll to the part I want. This is pretty funny though. And I never rate my music. I think when you play it, it logs your play count, so it automatically rates it for you after a while. I like that because most of the time, I shuffle my music and play it, so I can sort by rating and see which one I like the most.