Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Duxperiment 001: Milk Tea

I think it might be fun to record random experiments (random + experiements = duxperiments [pronounched DUUUHHH-x-periments], also because they're fucking dumb).

I heard that mixing sugar and milk with tea makes milk tea. Which makes perfuckt sense.

So, my roommate (Jenny) and I tried it in our floor lounge at 1:00 AM. She had to do her calc hw, and there were other people studying in there.

Nevertheless, the calls of science cannot be ignored.

+/- Duxperiment 001

Anyway, we were looking for a substitute for sugar and the best we could come up with was Jenny's Nutella. That shit is sooooo good.

Of course,

it tasted like crap mixed (it didn't really mix) with tea and milk.

Jenny thought it tasted like wood.
I'm pretty sure wood tastes better than that.
Sometimes, Jenny and I don't agree.

Today was such a productive day :)

It's Been Over a Week

since I moved into the UCLA dormitory! :)
And that is why I haven't been posting at all recently.

I was soooo nervous before I started living in the dormitory. My whole life I wasn't exactly the type to "I'm gonna go mingle now," but my roommate's really cool and I met a whooooole bunch of cool people! :) Also, my room smells heavily of apple cinnamon.

Shower stalls are small as shit, room is small as crap, and room is hot as poop, but still happy to be here :) The people are friendly as hell and everyday feels so productive.

Dropped a class today, but still a full-time student at 14 units!

+/- Dorm Room Snapshots

At the dining halls, we're allowed to take back 1 fruit, 2 cookies, or 1 piece of cake. My roommate and I always try to make a habit of taking back a fruit to our fridge to snack on later. Also, she likes soy milk, bananas, and string cheese, all of which I don't, so everything works out perfectly :) I always try to make a habit of drawing on the bananas and oranges.

My snack drawer. Mmmmmmmmmmm

We got these on our move-in day.

I eat breakfast everyday. So far, I've been eating Captain Crunch every day.

The sign I saw on the elevator today. It made me feel so awkward.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birthdays are quite nice

My birthday was a little while ago, but I must say it was one of the best I've ever had. I spent the whole day watching movies and hanging out with Asuka, Ayumi, Kiye, and Michelle, and even got a gift mailed all the way from Rhode Island!

+/- Some Gifts

The "Oh Shit!" button, that serves no purpose other than making you feel like things will be better if you pushed it. Even though it won't be.

Someone help me pick a name for this guy.

Guys? Shouhei just made me do a scavenger hunt around the house (and the internet) for around 20 minutes (due to cleverly hidden clues in the form of riddles) to find a 19" LCD monitor waiting for me. I'VE BEEN LIVING WITH A FLATSCREEN FOR YEARS.

I know it's impossible, but somehow my computer feels faster...

Anyway, thanks to everyone that made my birthday the best I've had in 18 years! :) :) :) :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home Boy Go Home

Today was a day full of doing shit I don't want to do, and getting nothing in return for it. To add to that, my internet is as slow as a smashed snail.

On days like this, I like to think back on funny videos to make me feel better. I also like blasting music.

Pretty old video, funny nonetheless.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Movie: Seven Pounds

So I finally watched what it was everybody called, "a really good movie"

Seven pounds was about a guy who gets in an accident (caused entirely by him), kills seven people, and spends 7 days saving 7 worthy people by sacrificing himself. A lot of people said they cried, but I've seen plenty more movies that almost made me cry, and this isn't one of them. Nonetheless, it was a good movie.

The concept was fun, and you have to put together the pieces of the puzzle. It's more enjoyable the second time around (and I watched it twice in two days because Kiye and Asuka missed it the first time), because you notice all the little details and they actually make sense this time. It's also more enjoyable if you watch it with a couple other people because hypotheses may differ and you'll notice different details!

Definitely worth a watch, though maybe not so much as three times in three days!

+/- Trailer

Friday, September 4, 2009

WIP: Threadless: major lag

All right, 3rd Threadless submission of the summer! Still in the critique though, not final quite yet!

I submitted it for the Threadless loves Geeks thing. Funny story, this was my final submission, but it got declined because it needs work, and I have no idea what more to do to it. Wait a minute, that's not funny at all...

Bored? Go critique it!