Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chicago Musical!

The first musical I've ever gone to go watch, apart from "Annie" for some field trip in elementary school and a few musicals at my high school. It was at the Pantages theatre
, which was nothing short of absolutely beautiful. It was so pretty inside, they didn't let us take pictures :)

I went with about 6 or so other people on my floor on Sunday night, with the thought of three essays due Tuesday packed away neatly in the back of my head. Well, it was a waste of time to pack them away so neatly-- they were aaaaaaaaaallllllllllll blown away anyway along with the rest of me! :) :) :) :)

Chicago, the movie, is one of my favorite films, along with another musical Moulin Rouge, but watching the musical live was something completely different! The songs were the same as those in the movie (with a lot of them arranged differently), but they had a few more songs that the movie left out.

As big as an ass as I feel saying this, I did like the movie more. Well I mean it was Renée Zellweger-- not many people can play the part of Roxie Hart and not be infuriating at one point, so thank god Renée Zellweger isn't many people, not to mention Catherine Zeta-Jones is far from many people too. :)

All in all, totally worth $40

+/- Songs from the Film

I was only gonna embed one or two songs when I realized I couldn't pick.

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