Sunday, July 5, 2009

Taking Apart the PS2

I have a PS2 now! Bought a used one for $50! :)
It's Japanese also! Why? Because believe it or not, that's what I am!

I have a story to tell about it, click the collapse for the entire thing

+/- So,

The other day I dug out the old television that's been sitting in our garage because I got a PS2, and as sad as it is, it's the only other real game console in my house is the N64 (actually, I have a NDS). I wanted to play in my room so that I can spend even more time by myself. Lol, just kidding, I don't like playing video games late at night in the living room by myself because we have this fucking creepy doll that our grandpa gave us. Ohh yeah, those Japanese little girl kimono girl dolls that always look like they're watching you. Fuck it scares me so much... I would post a picture, but then what if I look back at the photo and the dolls making a different face? I would piss in my pants man.

Anyway, so I set up the TV so that I can play video games from my bed, hence saving the energy I would otherwise have to use to get up and using the energy to move my thumbs that extra minute or so. I always need something to eat or drink by the way when I play games or watch movies and stuff. That day I had apple juice. Apple juice. How can I be so stupid, it foreshadows a motherfucking disaster waiting to happen. What happened was, when I set the apple juice cup in front of the PS2, the cup pressed the eject button, the thing pops out, tips the apple juice over, and, well, I have myself an artificially flavored PS2.

Ayumi couldn't have described my situation better when she responded to my story, "You're like a little kid." I'm going to college this year, and I spilled apple juice playing video games. Jesus, christ.

In my defense though, would a little kid do THIS?

I had to take it apart because fucking apple juice everywhere right? I don't have a warranty or anything, I bought the thing used. I always imagined opening this thing up when I was gonna install a mod chip, or when a game got stuck in the drive; never in my dreams did I think I would have to open up my PS2 because I spilled sugary, delicious, Tree Top apple juice all over it.

One time I took apart my keyboard because it was dirty as hell. That keyboard was never to be seen ever again.

On with the PS2!

Many screws of all sizes, I totally forgot which went where and that served to be a huge problem afterward.

Chips look so cool. They look so futuristic, how do they work huh? So weird...

I cracked the PS2 open and cleaned out all the (now) syrupy apple juice that seeped into the core of my PS2. It was pure sugar, don't drink that delicious shit.

The entire process took a good 4 or 5 hours, because I'm an idiot. Haha, the first time, it didn't even fit back into the box, and then after it did and I tested it out, the game slot won't open, so I went back and took it all apart and I'm pretty sure a piece went flying when I forced the thing to fucking open, but it worked out in the end so I don't even know. I accidentally broke this other piece, but I superglued that back on.

Also, I have an extra screw left over. Oh well.

Anyway, how was your day?

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Donna said...

did you... take this shit apart in the middle of the night? AND spend 5 hours working on it? HAHAHA @ Ayumi's comment. If it were just water, I heard that you just have to blow dry the shit out of it. But your sugar will crystallize on it. How did you get off all the sugar? Did you lick it all off? WAS THE CONSOLE PLUGGED IN WHILE YOU DID ALL OF THIS? I wouldn't put it past you...

Speaking of ridiculous screws, my small camera has been mysteriously losing a lot of its screws that screw the cover to the actual hard ware. It's the weirdest thing because I am so sure that the screws are long enough so that I'd SEE it being unscrewed (by regular use), but I never do, and I already have two that have fallen out. HUH. Lol, thank god I have 6 more for the little bastard to screw out before it completely falls apart