Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lego House

Way overdue, this is the other model I made over winter break :)
Another project that Shouhei kind of forced me into making!

+/- Lego House

Blueprint View

Wip slide


Donna said...

How the HELL did you find such a complicated little lego house?! How the hell do you guys even HAVE so many lego figurines?! Ahaha. Good one, but like I said before, I think you could add a little texture to your pieces and maybe turn down the shadowing a bit.

Danielle said...

Hey I have that set at home!! :] i love legos! i miss then... college keeps me from playing with legos... boo

Maya said...

Lol I'll learn texturing one dayy :D And I'll learn how to control the sun sometimeeeee Idk when ahahaha

Legos are lots of fun :) They fit together so perfectly... I've moved on (back?) to Tetris though