Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One in 500

This is a render from Autodesk Maya.

I modeling it right before winter break last year because I was carried away with the holiday spirit. It was when I was (and currently still) making the transition from Blender Foundation to Autodesk Maya and needed something to practice on. I decided to model something that we had made before in Blender-- Christmas trees and a snowman. They're key chains because I wanted to make something shiny on mentalray. Did you know key chain was two words?

I hate that Christmas gets less and less exciting each year you get older. I don't get the rushes of adrenaline in the middle of the night, anxious to wake up the next morning to tear open my gifts. I never "opened one present" on Christmas Eve that's a load of crap, I left them all for the day of!
Not saying that I don't enjoy Christmas at all, it's just different. It's more exciting in the sense that you get to see how people respond to your gift more than what you got; maybe I'm growing up. Why the hell am I analyzing Christmas in mid-March.

Oh yeah, the school computers were a pain during the "duplication" process. Oh, my god.

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