Monday, October 5, 2009

Duxperiment 002: Mailing Pear

Somebody once told me that they had successfully mailed a banana (only the banana, not in a box or anything) to their friend. I had my doubts about this, so I decided to try and mail something more solid, and to the other side of the coast. Donna, I am going to send you a pear!

+/- Duxperiment 002

Wrote down the address in sharpie, and headed to the post office in Ackerman!

Got in line, waited my turn, and then finally when it was my turn, I asked,

"How much to send this?"

I decided not to ask if I can actually send it or not.
The post office girl replies,

"Uhh... I'll have to weight it"

She's smirking lol
It was $2.24 to send it, and when I was about to stick the stamps onto the pear she stopped me and said,

"Ohh, we can't send the actual pear it has to be in something..."

"Why not?"

"Because it's pe(a)rishable."

I didn't ask if that pun was intended, but it was pretty funny.

0 for 2 so far yaaaaaaay


Donna said...

dude, this made me laugh SO hard that I printed the post out. I heard that someone sent a banana too. YOu might have been the one to tell me too. Damn, that would have been so awesome if you got it through though

Danielle said...

haha that just made my day and i need to start getting ready to head down for an hour and half of math...

Your Brother said...

You should have just wrapped it in some kind of wrapping pear-per for protection and mailed it.

I'm loving these duxperiments--great, great, great. Can't wait to see more!

Oh, and I already punched myself in the face for making the terrible word play so please don't punch me next time we meet.