Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Wheels on Bruinwalk

If any of you have ever gone to UCLA, there's this main walk that stretches east-west across the center of the campus called the "Bruinwalk."

They've always had the "no wheels on Bruinwalk" policy, but starting October 12 of this year they started actually putting a fine of $202 (what a random number!) for anyone caught on bikes, skateboards, scooters, wheelchairs on Bruinwalk. Wait, maybe wheelchairs were okay just kidding.
It doesn't affect me in the bit because I walk everywhere anyway, but everybody has bet pretty upset about this. These were drawn in the day the policy went into effect I think, and I thought it was pretty cool :)

+/- Chalk Walk

They drew in a bike (and all other wheels) lane with chalk!

This one was near the intramural field I think :)

Again, wheelchairs are probably an exception to the "no wheel" policy. Still funny.

Soo cooooool, the only problem was that it was so cool, people walking were on the bike lane following these traffic signs, defeating the entire purpose.

A shame it rained two days later.

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Donna said...

lol, this is awesome! I hope you rode a bike down this path