Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Craving

Happy Halloween! :)
I passed out candy to two kids this year (our neighbor's kids on their way out), and played Mahjong with my family this Halloween!

Jumping all the way back to Sunday, I came home to my dorm room to find an unfamiliar orange object on the ground. It was a pumpkin. From Trader Joe's! :) I asked Jenny about it and as it turns out, we were going to be carving a jack-o-lantern on Friday! And it is the only thing that has pushed me to finishing my midterm essay.

I haven't carved a pumpkin since like, elementary school! :)

+/- Scott-o-lantern

Jenny carves a pumpkin every Halloween,so I left a lot of it up to her, but I like to think I brought a lot to the table too-- Kit Kats, for instance.

We didn't want our dorm room to stink up so we carved it in the lounge.
Materials: one trashcan, two trash bags, one pumpkin, one cup for the seeds to maybe roast later, one piece of white paper to sketch on, one pen to sketch, one pocket knife, one butter knife, four fun-sized Kit Kat bars, one bag of Trader Joe's Multiseed Soy Sauce rice crackers, and two spoons this girl on our floor stole from the dining hall. Later on we notice that we also need staples, superglue, a box of Nilla wafers, candles, and a lighter, but we don't know that yet :)

First thing's first, we punched a hole through the head of the pumpkin (actually we used the butter knife, but everybody kept asking, "Did you just, cut it open?" so we figured it'd be more interesting an answer). Everyone looked at me like I was crazy when I proposed throwing the seeds out, so we poured them into a free Roxy cup that Jenny got from this one thing at this one place. We cleaned it out with our spoons and then gave up and used our bare hands; it was sooooooo slimy and stringy. Pumpkins smell man, and they are the weirdest freaking fruit (they have seeds in them so they're fruits right?). They basically don't have any meat! You just eat the skin and the seeds, they're so shallow! Don't ever make friends with them!

Our sketch. I actually drew that with my left hand because my right one was full of pumpkin intestine. It's a snowman, by the way.

We drew our outline on the pumpkin, who we named Scott (and it's a girl, mind you), and Jenny carved in the first eye.

And then it was my turn to carve in Scott's right eye(our left). I fucked it up. It just looked awkward, and Jenny, with her infinite (18 to be exact) years of wisdom in pumpkin carving, bandaged it up by making it a swirl! That became the coolest part of our pumpkin, and I even get to say that I took part in turning a mistake into a success (only the mistake part, though)!

Scott before her mouth operation.

After the operation, and I don't hesitate to say it went surprisingly well! Look at the look on her face! She's happy as hell (granted we literally dug that smile in)! Why does she have such a small nose you ask? Because...

...we're sticking a fucking carrot in it! It's based off a snow(wo)man, after all.

Added a few more accessories, the cylindrical pieces are the carve-outs from its mouth, and the quail-looking thing on its forehead is from his right eye(again, our left). Idk why she has a thumbtack on her nose.

Finished! Now let's light the candle and turn off the lights! :)

Most. Productive. Day. Ever.

Scott will spend the rest of her significantly shortened life greeting the people that pass by D8. I like to think she has a pretty cool life compared to all the other pumpkins out there :)

Oh yeah, our neighbor carves pumpkins every year as well. Check out Ryan's jack-o-lantern! :0 Didn't want to show the picture at the beginning of the post or else Scott would end up looking like shit the entire way (now she just looks like it in the end).

Happy Halloween anyway everybody! :)


Donna said...

I love this so much! Man, there were some freaking awesome pumpkins in our dining hall a few days ago. I was definitely not in the halloween spirit this year. After banging out a 7 page paper two days before, all I wanted to do was sleep.

Maya said...

Haha damn man, lately I feel like all I've been doing is writing essays :0