Friday, December 11, 2009

Desma 23 - Drawing

Fall 2009 Quarter DOWN! :)
Everybody has basically been hating on me because I didn't have any "finals," but I did have final projects for all my classes so don't hate so much. I should have kept track of every dirty face and punch I got every time somebody asked, "So, how many finals do you have left?"

Anyway, the first quarter of college is done! :) :)
College was everything I expected and more! So I guess that means it was not what I expected... Or it was more than I expected, which still means it was not what I expected...? It was good is what I want to say! It was really, really weird not having to take any math or science classes, as those were the only subjects that I cared for even the least in school. Everybody else on my floor are comp sci (Jenny) or some sort of science major, so they're all taking physics and calculus and whatnot, solving problems on the board in the lounge, and there I am, drawing. Feels weird, feels weird; in a weird way I guess I kind of miss it, but I have to let go someday, yes?

So, what have I been doing in Design|Media Arts (shortened, Desma) you ask? Well, let me show you! For the first 5 weeks or so, all we've been doing is drawing cubes, by hand and on Adobe Illustrator. We had to get this huge sketch pad and an even larger art board, a T-square, an 18" ruler, and all these other tools and carry them all to a classroom 30 minutes away, walking-- you should have seen us on the rainy days! :) As boring as it was, I can't say I didn't take any pleasure in it, using rulers and stuff. :) We only scratched the surface of the perspective theory (is that what it's called?), but it was suuuuuuuper interesting...!

I didn't have the patience to scan the hand-drawn ones, so here are just the ones I did on Illustrator. As a side note, Illustrator is SO WEIRD... I've only used Photoshop and Flash from Adobe before (well, Flash used to be Macromedia but let's ignore all that for now), but Illustrator was like a combination of Photoshop and Flash in a way; or at least it felt like that to me. Here they are!

+/- Desma 23

The first assignment on Illustrator was the one on top, the assignment was something along the lines of a 16"x16"x16" cube in perspective broken up into 64 cubes.

And then, we had to fill in the individual cubes with planes cutting through them. First, I thought we had to fill in all 64 planes, and wasted an enormous amount of time doing that :) Woo! I went to go print it out, when Amanda so kindly pointed out that I had used USC colors. Thanks Amanda, each color print costs about $3, but I'm glad we have our priorities straight.

Reprint, lol.

We went on to drawing the cube from different perspectives, both by hand and on the computer.

And then they taught us the theory. I'm not gonna attempt to explain what's going on, but it's really interesting go wiki it or something.

Our final assignment involving cubes was to make masks and texture them so that they look like cubes even without the outline. As you can see (and in this case as it is literally a cube at hand), I'm not very good at "thinking outside the box." I would very much like to think inside of it, thank you very much.

We then moved on to drawing this chair. This one's a scan, we had to scan them in and compare them with our photos to see exactly how off we were. By the way, my professor always walks around and critiques our drawings as we draw them. His comment? "It looks like a horse."

Traced the photo on illustrator and did the whole masking deal. "It's... Boring." I know thattttt I don't like "spontaneous" I don't like "comtemporary/modern art" leave me alone.

There's a really famous wood carving(?) of "The Last Supper" by Albrecht Dürer, and we had to "interpret" it and trace exactly one person. That was worded funny. We had to trace/interpret the entire drawing, and we also had to trace one of the people exactly as it looks on the original. The "exact trace" (the guy getting strangled by Jesus) took a good 5~6 hours. WTF
Original "The Last Supper" by Albrecht Dürer.

Our final project was the bicycle. I will shoot the next person I see riding a bike with training wheels, who will most like be a kid. :)

So, I guess that just about wraps up my drawings for Fall 2009. We had individual meetings with our professor and the TA, and I was the last one (last name "T") and he just kind of said, "You work hard. You get an 'A.'" Wow, yaaay! :D I guess the class did exactly what it was supposed to, and that was to teach us Illustrator.

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Donna said...

Ah Maya! I can't believe you didn't have ANY finals. You won't believe how incredibly jealous I am of you, but now that it's over, I can feel a happ(ier) for you. Also, this shit looks hard as fuck, so I guess kudos to you! The chair looks amazing 8). See you soon!