Tuesday, December 29, 2009


"I'm about to blow your mind," sneered Shouhei, "are you ready?"

Ralph's macaroni salad looks absolutely amazing at midnight. I wonder if you can still buy it, there's nobody behind the counter... Maybe they're on break?

"I'm ready Shouhei, splatter my brain all over this glass counter."

He gives a satisfied giggle and carefully repeats the line in his head so he doesn't mess it up.

"Okay, so, apparently Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist are produced by the same company."


"Do you see the connection?

Mountain Dew
Sierra Mist

They're synonyms! They both mean the SAME THING...!"

Blew. My. Fucking. Mind.

I still think Mountain Dew tastes better.

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Donna said...

this is fucking amazing holy shit