Monday, December 28, 2009

Lego Car

Everyday since I came back for winter break I have been asking myself the same question over and over again.


Something about not being productive in any way during breaks makes me feel like absolute shit. I've been scurrying in and out of the kitchen constantly in search for food, not because I am hungry, but because I am bored. Ahahaha!

Not saying I literally haven't been doing anything-- I had an amazing Christmas, a hilarious Japanese school reunion, a fantastic basketball reunion, and I did hang out with people (a little bit lol). I've played my DS almost everyday (nothing serious like an RPG game, quick music games and puzzles and such) and I've finished Harry Potter Book 4! :) I've also been walking my friend's dog since she was in Arizona and am proud to say I am over my fear of ginormous dogs jumping on you. Sort of. Not really, actually. I will never get over dog drool and that smell you get on your hand after you pat them that makes you go look for a sink before you do anything else with it.

Why not upload posts on the blog if you're so bored, that's why you made it no? Yeah, I HAD NOTHING TO POST BECAUSE I HAVEN'T BEEN DOING ANYTHING. Yeah, I drew here and there, but no projects, do you know what I mean? Donna probably does, we tried to make a music video one time ahahhahahah

Getting to the point, yesterday Shouhei walked into my room and threw a small yellow car made out of Lego into my hands and told me to model it on 3D.

"Don't worry about all the bevels and shit on the Lego," he said, "just get the general gist of it modeled. I want to see it done by the time I get back from work."

I'm gonna be honest. I haven't touched Autodesk Maya or let alone any other 3D modeling program since the end of Senior year-- that's when senior year ended in me, mind you, not necessarily literally the last day of high school, and that would be around end of April, beginning of May.

It is fucking hard trying to work with a program you haven't used in over half a year. Also, I've been using Adobe Illustrator for classes in college so all the hotkeys for that program stuck-- "v" doesn't mean I have the select tool and "c" doesn't mean I'm cutting. On top of that, the Maya I used while I was in high school had customized hotkeys and all my preferences just the way I wanted it, so I had to set them all over again on my laptop after digging through my head and searching through the menu tabs for the tool's name. God, damn I forgot a lot...!

Anyway, thanks Shouhei for forcing me to working on 3D because that's exactly what I needed right now-- hopefully I'll start getting back into modeling stuff on it even when the year starts. Bored? Drop in something for me to model! :)
In the meantime, here's me trying to get my life back together! :D

Also, Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary Mom! :) :) :) :)

+/- Lego Car

Photos of the original Lego car. It was really, really dusty.

And my modeled car on Autodesk Maya!

The door opens!

The trunk opens!

The steering wheel although it's really hard to see

Still working to get my render settings right

So, there it is! That's my ssssiiiiicccckkk laptop btw! :)

Happy holidays everyone, 2009 is almost over!

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