Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Been Over a Week

since I moved into the UCLA dormitory! :)
And that is why I haven't been posting at all recently.

I was soooo nervous before I started living in the dormitory. My whole life I wasn't exactly the type to "I'm gonna go mingle now," but my roommate's really cool and I met a whooooole bunch of cool people! :) Also, my room smells heavily of apple cinnamon.

Shower stalls are small as shit, room is small as crap, and room is hot as poop, but still happy to be here :) The people are friendly as hell and everyday feels so productive.

Dropped a class today, but still a full-time student at 14 units!

+/- Dorm Room Snapshots

At the dining halls, we're allowed to take back 1 fruit, 2 cookies, or 1 piece of cake. My roommate and I always try to make a habit of taking back a fruit to our fridge to snack on later. Also, she likes soy milk, bananas, and string cheese, all of which I don't, so everything works out perfectly :) I always try to make a habit of drawing on the bananas and oranges.

My snack drawer. Mmmmmmmmmmm

We got these on our move-in day.

I eat breakfast everyday. So far, I've been eating Captain Crunch every day.

The sign I saw on the elevator today. It made me feel so awkward.

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Donna said...

AHH Maya! You're living the dorm life! How do you like it? HOW ARE YOUR RESTROOMS? Your fridge is so stocked, man! Do you even go to the dining halls for three meals a day? What classes are you taking? Lmfao, there's so much I want to ask you that it's insane. Update often! Ande I thought you said you had two roommates