Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Duxperiment 001: Milk Tea

I think it might be fun to record random experiments (random + experiements = duxperiments [pronounched DUUUHHH-x-periments], also because they're fucking dumb).

I heard that mixing sugar and milk with tea makes milk tea. Which makes perfuckt sense.

So, my roommate (Jenny) and I tried it in our floor lounge at 1:00 AM. She had to do her calc hw, and there were other people studying in there.

Nevertheless, the calls of science cannot be ignored.

+/- Duxperiment 001

Anyway, we were looking for a substitute for sugar and the best we could come up with was Jenny's Nutella. That shit is sooooo good.

Of course,

it tasted like crap mixed (it didn't really mix) with tea and milk.

Jenny thought it tasted like wood.
I'm pretty sure wood tastes better than that.
Sometimes, Jenny and I don't agree.

Today was such a productive day :)


Donna said...

Damn, you are still awake at 1? Doing fucked up experiments?! What time do you wake up? I go to sleep at 12:30 and wake up around 7:15 most days. Today, though, I woke up at 9.30. It felt fucking incredible.

And lmfao, why did you want to make milk tea in the first place? HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET TEA. Maya, you're so asian. I think anything with nutella tastes good though...

Your Brother said...

Ahahaha, no no no! I think the Nutella was the killer mistake there...Imagine pouring black tea into a cup of hazelnut chocolate milk--yeah, that's why.

The way I see it,

Black tea + hazelnut = plausible
Black tea + chocolate = NO