Monday, September 7, 2009

Movie: Seven Pounds

So I finally watched what it was everybody called, "a really good movie"

Seven pounds was about a guy who gets in an accident (caused entirely by him), kills seven people, and spends 7 days saving 7 worthy people by sacrificing himself. A lot of people said they cried, but I've seen plenty more movies that almost made me cry, and this isn't one of them. Nonetheless, it was a good movie.

The concept was fun, and you have to put together the pieces of the puzzle. It's more enjoyable the second time around (and I watched it twice in two days because Kiye and Asuka missed it the first time), because you notice all the little details and they actually make sense this time. It's also more enjoyable if you watch it with a couple other people because hypotheses may differ and you'll notice different details!

Definitely worth a watch, though maybe not so much as three times in three days!

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Donna said...

Haha, isn't this the movie where he dies because a jellyfish kills him? You know, I don't really like sentimental movies. And I hate crying because of a movie. It's so awkward, even when I'm alone.

I think tritia has this on bootleg and I was supposed to watch it, but somehow, I never got around to seeing it. This, or other will smith movies.