Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie: Bee Movie

Kind of really late, but I watched Bee Movie today. I am taking full advantage of my Memorial Day weekend. It's weird, I never heard anything about this movie. Nothing good, nothing bad, nothing! Weird!

To be honest, the movie was kind of odd. The little jokes in there was more of a if you get it it's funny if you don't it's not, which isn't a bad thing or anything but. Sometimes I lost track of the storyline, like when they're flying the plane and it's moving like an insect. It was so weird. So weird in fact that that scene my favorite part of the entire movie. God I am using that word too much. I really like that in the beginning of the movie everything is moving so fast, because they're bees and they don't live long (i.e. they go to elementary school 3 days, middle school 3 days, college 3 days, graduating class of 9:15), but they didn't really stick to it throughout the movie. It was funny though, made me laugh a gooood number of times.

The 3D in it was amazing. If I had better vocabulary, I'd use a different word, but I don't know how anyone can keep from dropping their jaws the entire movie. Damn, Dreamworks. Good job. The buildings looked awesome, the bee hive was mind-blowing, the animation was excellent, I don't know what to say, holy fuck that looks cool.

The voice acting. Well, how can you say no to Jerry Seinfeld and Renee Zellweger? Renee Zellweger has such a nice voice.

If you haven't watched Bee Movie yet and haven't heard anything about it, take it from me, watch it! It's not a waste of time in the least :)

+/- Trailer

By the way, the old bee talking in the beginning of the trailer gets swapped with a girl bee on the movie. Lol.

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