Sunday, May 31, 2009

Movie: Up

Another movie we watched the same day we saw Drag Me To Hell. Let me just say, man am I glad we watched this movie second because I felt really different from the way I did after watching DMTH. I am pretty sure we were the only teenagers in the theater, the rest were parents and their children either too old or too young to appreciate the art of Pixar. Then again, what the hell do I know? Probably no one in that movie theater fully gave Up the attention it deserved (mainly because the little creatures kids won't stop giggling and yelling during the film), but fear not, I plan to abuse it like KFC's chickens when out on DVD. Wait, Blu-ray is in right now? Fuck my HD-DVD Playing piece of shit. Just kidding, never got oneeeee!

Oh of course the movie was good, we all knew it was gonna be good the moment we saw one of the most teasing trailers I've ever seen.

God, it must have been a bitch rendering all those shiny, slightly reflective balloons...

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