Monday, June 29, 2009

Canon PowerShot SD780 IS

So I finally bought a digital camera all on my own. Yaay! It was unbelievably hard choosing a camera, mostly due to the fact that I don't know jack about cameras, so most of the specs I read meant nothing to me. 12.1 Megapixels? What the fuck does that even mean? My best guess is that there are 12,100,000 pixels on this 2in x 1.5in screen? IS? AiAF? Doesn't matter, I'm happy with it. The buttons are kind of hard to push, though.

Oh yes, so the first picture I took with my camera was a picture of my plants. The one on the right that looks kind of dead is Tim, and the one on the left is Pik. I'm thinking Pik is taking all the sunlight from Tim but I'm not sure so I'll just leave them like that.

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Donna said...

why does that look like a snake on the top of Tim?

buut, YOU GOT A CAMERA! and it's really clear! Where'd you get it? And whut the fuck, you have living plants? YOU'RE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF PLANTS?! This may not be so bad after all when you move into your dorm. If you can take care of a plant, you can take care of yourself (in a vegetative state).

And maya, guess what? I have 7/20 things done from my list and I'm going to make some food soon, so it's going to be 8/20. And I still have Invisible Monsters, which I will give you back soon...I hope.

How's your summer going?