Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have a confession to make, I don't have cable. Well, cable internet, but not for television. The reason behind that is because our family doesn't watch much TV. Come to think of it maybe we don't watch that much because we don't have cable. Huh.

Anyway when my family went on a trip to Canada a couple of years ago, the hotel we stayed in had cable. Us kids were not used to this kind of luxury, Discovery Channel is not a made-up thing? It makes me want to cry that I even thought that lol. So we were all hooked on discovering new channels, and that's when we first came across Les Stroud on Survivorman.

Basically, this guy tries to live on his own with all his cameras and shit out in different biomes, like in the desert or lost out at sea, for seven days. He films everything himself so that's a lot of work. Michael Scott from The Office does a little thing on this too :) After seven days the crew comes to pick him up. He always sets the scene with a made up scenario (like a plane crash, or your tank goes empty) so it's sort of a survivor's guide type thing. I love shit like this. Back when we did have cable, my brothers and I used to watch Crocodile Hunter, but as you all know we lost the show (because we got rid of cable), and, well, soon after we really lost the show (because he died :( [Did you know there was a Steve Irwin Day?]).

Back to Les. I asked my sister's boyfriend Roby what he liked most about this show, and he replied, "How unbelievably miserable he gets every episode." First I thought about how funny Roby is, and then I realized how right he was. Every single episode, Les becomes sick of what he's doing (sometimes even complaining about his pay) and it just gives you this warm, fuzzy feeling inside when you see him miserable and regretful like that. It's also really good when his hand-made shelter and gimmicks don't work out either, oh god it's so good. Not that I'm not happy for him when it does work out, like when he caught those scorpions on the Desert episode, or when he catches a snake and a turtle on the swamp episode.

Speaking of the swamp episode, I went through the trouble of finding this on YouTube just to show how funny it is when he fails. Les made himself a 3-logged raft to canoe his way out of the swamp. 3-logged.
Soooo funnyyy
You can catch a good number of Survivorman episodes on YouTube if you're interested. He's very corny though I must warn you, it makes me embarrassed a lot of times just listening to him.

Now, the key to enjoying this TV show is to try not to eat before you watch it (so be a little hungry), make yourself some food (not sweets, like food food, like Cup Ramen), carry a blanket if you're watching a cold episode, and just be happy while you watch him become absofuckinglutely sad as hell :)

+/- Edit 2009/06/22

No, that's not Les. I just added it because Donna said, jesus christ that's disgusting, I would rather eat shit lol

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Donna said...

Dude, same here. I went to Las Vegas and saw a Backstreet boys music video on MTV and was so smitten by the fact that they made videos to go with songs.

Does survivorman have a gps or something on him so that people can find him? I would kill myself on the spot if I had to drink water from elephant feces (was that even les?). I don't even see how someone can sign themselves up for this. He must have been piss drunk when he said okay to this.