Friday, June 12, 2009

Movie: Push

It's been a while since the last time I've seen a movie with Dakota Fanning in it. Damn, of course, but damn she's grown up. Do you remember her back in I Am Sam? Nah, I don't really either.

The movie Push was excellent. My opinion might be slightly biased due to the fact that I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still a day before I did this one, but I loved it. It was about people with special powers (i.e. "watchers" can see the future "movers" can move objects "pushers" can push their memories and thoughts into somebody else) and an agency going after them. The protagonists try to stop this by devising a mind-blowing plan and allying with the other psychics spread throughout Hong Kong. The agency after them is called "Division" and are trying to get together these psychics to make an army, and perform experiments on them also which usually ends up killing them. The protagonists keep trying to stay one step ahead of them, but the agency also has psychics on their side. Their watcher sees something and moves accordingly, and as the other watcher sees the future change they move differently also. It's like one long, complicated, exciting game of chess.
By the way, Dakota Fanning is a watcher! :)

Love shit like this, definitely worth a watch.

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Donna said...

Hey! I saw the trailer for it in the theaters, but I never saw them on the tv. Dakota Fanning always creeps me out a bit, but she was SO GOOD in I am Sam (I still don't know how a mentally retarded person can get a woman pregnant).

Dude, so I downloaded the sniffer and guess what the hell was clogging up my drive? The photoshop temporary folder. Temporary my ass! It had stuff in there from two years ago and stuff Ive never even seen. 30gbs of shit, my god. Thanks maya!