Monday, June 8, 2009

Movie: Taken

Every single person I've talked to so far to about this movie has said it was really good, so I watched it with my brother yesterday. We saw the trailer on youtube right before we decided to watch it, and damn was that a good trailer. I put it in the collapse so go see for yourself. He has such a cool voice.

The movie was about the guy's daughter getting kidnapped on her vacation to Paris and him flying there and looking for her, all the while killing and torturing people on the way. It's very good, kept me interested the whole time anyway. It's also not too gory for those of you who are like me and twitches every time something too hurtful happens. I twitched like twice.

+/- Trailer

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Donna said...

I remember journalism was watching a bootleg of this in class. Someone had to write a review on it and was like, "I'd be flattered that someone wants my daughter for 2million"