Friday, June 26, 2009

WIP: Threadless: Sea of Pixels

All right, it's about time I coughed up another shot at Threadless don't you think? My goal is to get *bleep* Threadless submissions in by the end of this summer. I'm not saying the number, because then I can end up failing. Man I hate thinking like that.

Anyway, it looks like I'm following the pattern of "pixel art wrap-around" for my designs. This one is a shot of the deep sea (the ocean? What's the difference between a sea an an ocean? Deep sea/ocean creatures?) so we've got a sunken pirate ship, some jellyfish (which aren't really fish), some fish, some more fish, several more different types of fish, fishing fish, fished fish, a seahorse if you look close enough, a school(?) of shrimp, one kelp forest, an open treasure box just like in the video games, a person with no diving gear just standing, and countless bubbles of all sizes. It's like a scavenger hunt! Weeeeee!

When I first decided on this theme, I was gonna add a dolphin, HUGE whale shadow, starfish (again, which aren't really fish, but I refuse to call them sea stars), crabs, lobsters, and sea turtles.

Idk what happened lol

To be honest, I'm so tired of working on this shit lol, all these little, tedious things lead to countless layers and my computer is not catching up with me (I'm faster than a computer!?). At the same time, the obsessive repetitious nature is exactly what I like about pixel art. I don't know what I'm talking about anymore. This submission is up for critique so it's not the actual submission itself.

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Donna said...

Oh god, give me an estimate as to how long this took. It's really good! I think I like it better than the city one :0. Lol, just wondering, but how many different layers of seaweed did you have all together? Off the top of your head, because if you go back in to check, it'll probably kill your computer.

And duuude. it's always sunny is really funny. It's the "oh man, I can't believe they can actually say that on tv" sort of thing. There was one dealing with racism and it just stereotyped the HELL out of black people.