Thursday, June 11, 2009


We got our yearbooks today! Yaay!

I usually have a problem with how the yearbook staff does the things they do the way they do. At the same time, however, I complain fully aware of the fact that I have absolutely no right to because I would not take the time to sign up for the class either. Nonetheless, I complain.

It bothers me when cropped images are cropped poorly, when small images are blown up into gigantic pixels, when photos are forced to stretch or squeeze according to the amount of space allowed to them, when there are typos and forgotten capitalization, when punctuation is inconsistent, when the photo they use of someone is obviously one that even that person wouldn't want, and when quotes duplicate and fonts collide.

It bothers me.
When, as common as it is, "the" is spelled "teh."

It bothers me.
When for some very sad reason, an ad in the yearbook reads, "Congratulations! We're so disappointed in you! Love, Mom and Dad"

It bothers me.
When under Donna's picture for Most Likely to Succeed it reads: "Most Likely to Suceed."

It bothers me.

+/- Well,

Okay, the last one is more funny than bothering.

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Donna said...

I don't know why people insist on having so many pictures on one page.

And it looks like the magnetic lasso tool got abused like fuck during the making process.

Sucess lol