Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tetris 25th Anniversary

Happy 25th Anniversary Tetris!

That says "Google" for anybody that's colorblind.

Tetris is one of the most widely known and longest standing puzzle games on Earth. It still surprises me to this day that my friend Kiye (Key-yay!) did not know what Tetris was when I was humming that song in math class. Also surprising was the fact that I had to rmb->Add to Dictionary when I was wrote that just now (both the words Tetris and Kiye).

By the way, does it bother the shit out of anyone that every single Tetris game you play has different rules? One of the Tetris games I played as a kid had these "blinking 1x1 blocks" where you can delete the blocks underneath it every time you press enter, and different "slowly blinking 1x1 blocks" where you can freely add 1x1 blocks every time you press enter. A lot of the online ones are weird also. Like the ones where you can't drop the pieces, God I hate those. Surprisingly, the Tetris every math student plays in their classrooms on their TI Calculators is a pretty solid game (well to me at least).

The Tetris I like to play the most is the one on my DS. By the way, has anyone seen the new DSi? Pretty coooool! Anyway, the Tetris DS by Nintendo is a really good game. You can see about 4 or 5 blocks in advance, and there is a "Hold" option, which seems a little cheap at a glance, but actually greatly enhances the blocky experience :) Basically if you don't like the piece you got, you can press R or L and it'll hold it for you. When you want to swap the held piece for another piece that comes up, you can. If you mess up and press R or L, you can't swap them back, so one swap per new block. Another cool thing about the Tetris DS is the Battle Mode for when you play with other people. When my little brother first got his DS, my older brother and I played Tetris a lot (my little brother didn't play at all). You can put items on and stuff, and being a Nintendo game, all the items are like mushrooms, red shells, bananas, etc. The mushrooms make your opponent's pieces fall faster, the red shells sand off your bottom 2 or 3 rows, the bananas rearrange your opponent's blocks (by columns not by rows), the ghosts hide your opponent's upcoming block window, the stars give you all the 1x4 blocks (a.k.a. the blue blocks) you need within the melody, and that's about all I can think of right now. It's really, really fun anyway definitely worth the money if you own a DS.

For those who don't own a DS, are really patient, and love Tetris, here is a game called Giant Tetris. It's ridiculous. Lol.

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